As of March 6, 2021, the Fall City learning garden website discontinued hosting weather information from a weather station nearby. it provided accurate weather data 24/7 for downtown Fall City and reflects typical conditions in nearby gardens. The sale of the property housing the server required removing the server and the integrated sensor station.

In this article I'll explain briefly the different tabs that were along the top of the weather information and acquaint you with some of the lesser known measures.

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Thanks to Laura Hunt of SeptemberArt, for allowing us to display some of her work from the two-word series in several places on this website. Laura created these images to touch the hearts of people with inspiring, authentic and engaging art.

Laura combines watercolor and stamping (a print-making technique), often adding elements of collage, to amplify the words. Her images show how well only two words can speak truth, reveal character and lighten the heart. 

I'm sure you wouldn't let the weeds take charge like the left photos, but, trust me, it's easy to focus on one part of your garden and find out that the weeds have completely taken over another part.

Keeping the weeds down allows plants to have the water and nutrients in the soil.