Here's an update of our activities from Darien.

Last week we harvested kale, lettuce, and the last of the peas. In bed #2 we planted peppers on the west, and three butterbush squash on the east, replacing lettuce and radishes that have been harvested.

More soil and compost was added to bed #4, then peppers planted down the center, cilantro seeds on east and west ends, and bush green bean seeds on the south side.

Mary and I went to help David harvest strawberries from his garden down the street. Most of his abundant harvest goes to the Fall City Community Food Pantry and other area food banks. His garden is amazing!

The rain barrels are set up, thanks to David, and rain started late Wednesday so I was lucky enough to hear water flowing into them! On Monday I went to the garden to water and was able to use what was in the barrels. Today, Wednesday, I went back to water again, and used the rest of the rainwater. A few of the beans we planted on July 1st were starting to sprout. Lisa worked on starting to lay out the blocks for bed #5.

Next week

The garlic should be ready to harvest next week, especially the soft neck garlic, maybe the hard neck as well. It looks like we will have some lettuce to harvest too, and some of that beautiful kale.

I have lettuce starts but they will still be too small next week, perhaps will be ready to transplant the first week of August. I also have cucumber starts which could be planted next week. We have the north side of bed #4 available, and think about what we can replace the garlic with!