Thanks to Laura Hunt of SeptemberArt, for allowing us to display some of her work from the two-word series in several places on this website. Laura created these images to touch the hearts of people with inspiring, authentic and engaging art.

Laura combines watercolor and stamping (a print-making technique), often adding elements of collage, to amplify the words. Her images show how well only two words can speak truth, reveal character and lighten the heart. 

970455 GrowSomething66Laura really appreciates it when we "like" here SeptemberArt website. She is aiming for 200 likes there, at which point Facebook allows her to customize her Facebook address. I'm sure you will enjoy the many examples of her thoughtfulness, creativity and artistic skill.

So click any of her images to go to the SeptemberArt Facebook, and "Like" what you see.

You can learn more about Laura at her SeptemberArt website.