The weather was pretty good for our January 12 work party. It wasn't freezing cold and wet. Our goal for the day was to level an area for our next two to four beds, and measure and mark the corners of the beds.

Our project turned into an archeological dig. What did the previous human inhabitants use this site for?

We're happy to let you know of two recent milestones in our development of the Fall City Learning Garden and P-Patch. Now you can:

We successfully planted, at the October 20th workshop, several varieties of garlic in one bed, and several varieties of strawberries (with some garlic and borage companions) in the other bed. Take a look at the photos, which you can get to from the Photos menu item. I did want to give a bit more information about the soil, so continue reading.

Here's the Fall City Learning Garden and P-Patch brochure, for the full story of the Learning Garden.

King County awards CSA grantThe Fall City Learning Garden and P-Patch (FCLG) has received partial funding through the 2013 King County Community Service Area Grant Program. This promise of future reimbursement provides only part of the money required to start up the P-Patch. We still need contributions (both dollars and in-kind) to make the learning garden a reality.