(Past event) The Fall City Learning Garden and P-Patch is hosting a sequel to January's garden planning workshop.
Wednesday February 25, 6:30 to 8:30 at the Fall City Library, 33415 SE 42nd Pl., Fall City

Thank you to all the lively interested gardeners who attended the Plan Your Edible Garden with Us workshop in January. We had so many enthusiastic people that many did not get an opportunity to complete the planning worksheets. We've scheduled this evening at the Fall City Library for any of you who would like to dig deeper into garden planning.

“Grow Something” ©2013 SeptemberArtThis event is a study session where we focus on developing our planting plans on paper. Bring what you know about your growing area, what you want to grow, more planting calendars, reference materials, and worksheets, and together we'll explore the puzzle of garden planning.

We'll provide worksheets, handouts, gardening calendars, seed catalogs, and snacks.

We invite experienced gardeners to come and share your planning methods, and less experienced gardeners to come for inspiration and assistance.

You can learn more about Laura Hunt's art at her SeptemberArt website.