There’s been a great deal of research undertaken on the benefits of this form of collective gardening: community gardens attract people from the entire social economic spectrum, regardless of race, gender, religion or age. In short, a community garden is where people come together to grow food and flowers, they share all the work and they share the produce.

Here's an article from Greenside Up listing five good "what's-in-it-for-me" reasons to join a community garden: http://greensideup.ie/5-reasons-join-community-gardens-are-good-for-us/

If you've ever driven or walked by a lush green garden sitting in the middle of a park or neighborhood (and looked in awe at its fresh tomatoes and lettuce), it's probably one of many community gardens around the area. ...See this article in Huffington Post

Ways to help in August

August is a big harvest month at the garden and we're all busy bringing in the produce. For August we're taking it to a new level by preparing lunch for Fall City Community Food Pantry clients, in addition to continued work in the garden.


In September at the garden we begin thinking about winding down for winter even as we're all busy bringing in the produce. We have our usual hands-on activities, plus a workshop on cover crops, compost and clean-up.


The Fall City Learning Garden and P-Patch is hosting a garden planning workshop
Wednesday January 28, 6:30 to 8:30 at the Fall City Library, 33415 SE 42nd Pl., Fall City

We'll be planning the 2015 season for the Learning Garden, and will help you develop a plan for yours. Whatever your garden size, bring your dreams, get inspired, and begin this year's garden adventure!

We'll provide worksheets, handouts, gardening calendars, seed catalogs, and snacks.

We invite experienced gardeners to come and share your planning methods, and less experienced gardeners to come for inspiration and assistance.