Washington State University has an extensive program for organic gardeners (commercial and private). The array of informative documents and programs, including the related master gardener associations. Information on these sites includes the latest agricultural research about organic gardening.

WSU Gardening in Washington State organic gardening ( - extensive resources for organic gardening

WSU Extension King County Gardening Resources ( - includes information on plants and insects in the garden

WSU Extension Snohomish County Gardening Resources ( - the originator of the master gardener programs and a huge source of organic gardening information

WSU Snohomish County Extension Growing Groceries program ( - workshops providing good information on small-scale and backyard food production and a mentor training program 

Hortsense ( fact sheets for managing problems with diseases and pests for a variety of plants (links to topics are in the left sidebar)

Pestsense ( - fact sheets for common insects and mites (links to topics are in the left sidebar)

Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook ( - this online version of the handbook is a tool for making decisions regarding the control and management of insect pests reported in the Pacific Northwest; it contains information suitable for gardeners as well as commercial growers

Snoqualmie Valley Master Gardeners, (, a website by Washington State certified Master Gardeners, who have completed 12 weeks of classroom training in all phases of horticulture as related to the management of landscapes and gardens in a science-based, sustainable manner.

Master gardeners of King county ( - see Other Resources for a selection of types of information